Ligeia is an ordinary Chinese high school student. 你好!


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Maybe you can upload the files to github where anyone can download them, and give a link. That works fine to me.

Could you please also release these brilliant works on somewhere we Lesswrongers behind a firewall in other countries/regions can have access to? (Consider making an independent website?) (I'm surprised that two of my comments in only three are all about this problem since I created this account, I mean, what's going on.)

Apple has just released Vision Pro, which is indeed expensive, 120g heavier than Quest 3 and has some complains about dizzyness when wearing for long. Still there are many apps customized just for it.

Given that some users in some countries or regions(for me it is Chinese Mainland) have no access to any website related to Google because of firewalls or stuffs, I don't think this survey can completely succeed in reflecting the whole user image of Lesswrong. Sorry for not completing the survey:(