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I scored 27. My brother has aspergers (diagnosted at 38 years old) and I am pretty sure both my parents have it, although they won't get tested. I am not sure I have it, although I have many of the characteristics - IQ 132, fast processor, overachiever, say weird things inappropriately, small talk makes me uncomfortable, etc. Compared to my parents and brother, however, I always seemed like the odd one out in our little family. I am super friendly, make friends easily but have the narrow focused, intellectual pursuit thing for sure. I have been seeing a systems therapist analyst who says studies now say that it's likely that my neural pathways for natural empathy, etc that would have developed with a different mother probably didn't fire up (ages 1-3). I am working on "getting it", ie the cues for social intelligence, but feel limited like it isn't going to happen. Intellectually, I can understand someone talking about their feelings, but don't really like doing it. I can reflective listen for only so long and then I just get super bored. My husband is a gem and starting to understand that nothing is personal - I just do what I do. Anyone have research or thought on this area.