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Thanks, that one sentence  "I can forgive myself.. "  in essence its about non-judgment and ultimately if you can accept yourself you can accept others.   I did a course coaching that emphasis developmental psychology  in self actualisation . Whilst that didn't reach FW in that course, I did find FW by myself which I will touch on briefly at the end.  After the coaching course, I felt genuinely happier all round. I all released expectations, they are after all disappointments waiting to happen. I released unhelpful meaning making, I take am aware of my unhelpful thinking patterns (cognitive distortions.)  and cultivate flexibility or choose not to run them, I try as much as I can not to judge myself accept myself as simply human the good and the bad, set intentions to just have a good morning, lunch and afternoon. They just are moments after moment. 
Most importantly to see that there is nothing missing inside of me,  that I am looking externally for, especially validation or love. I am whole. And all of that I believe is a recipie for being  contented.  

I just accept life as it is, changed my perception of reality (life looks rosier, despite it being the same) 

So how did I reach FW? I did it with the help of my own Higher Consciousness,   I figured if we came from source, we can get back there by merging with source again, you know that bright light? ...  thats what I focused my meditations on. Consciousness is trying to reach you as much as you are trying to reach it.. you'll find it...  I can always recommend a merging MP3 for you.