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or discovering some way to be less annoyed by helmets

Are you aware of this? It's a helmet-airbag that only deploys in the event of a crash.

I couldn't help but notice an element missing from any of the points in this: Children. The "modern life" heading is not yet universal to all of humanity, and many of the genies you mention-- remain safely corked elsewhere in the world. In those very same places though- marriages are formed, children are birthed and reared with the recipes passed down through local and hereditary traditions.

While I personally think its neat that marriage and even sex are no longer bound to reproduction- There are gentle nudges from history and more forceful insistences from others that the people (in the human universal sense) found that marriage was a stable method to have and raise children into the world. Things have been tacked on and removed from it from time to time- like 'dowries' or 'union before god' and perhaps we will continue to do that as you suggest- but none of those adaptations and edits will last long if children are removed from the picture.

But maybe we are at the true dusk of pure sexual reproduction? That genie along with increased longevity are quite the thing to consider. Maybe even a little scary.