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Why hasn't deep learning generated significant economic value yet?

Elon Musk said a few weeks ago that Tesla’s main strategy right now is to slash the cost of personal transportation by 4x by perfecting full-self-driving AI, and attempting to achieve that this year. (Relatedly, they’re not allocating resources to making an even cheaper version of the Model 3 because it wouldn’t be 4x cheaper anyway.)

Making good on Musk’s claim would probably add another $trillion to Tesla’s market cap in short order.

What is the solution to the Alignment problem?

This is fine, and I can’t help wondering would it say if given more resources? I feel compelled to give it more resources.

Everything I Need To Know About Takeoff Speeds I Learned From Air Conditioner Ratings On Amazon

Of course the commenters talking about cooling gradients vs net cooling can’t agree on an air conditioning utility function

Convince me that humanity is as doomed by AGI as Yudkowsky et al., seems to believe

Yes it’s an important insight that paper clips are a representative example of a much bigger and simpler space of optimization targets than alpine villages.

Convince me that humanity is as doomed by AGI as Yudkowsky et al., seems to believe

Right now no one knows how to maximize either paper clips or alpine villages. The first thing we know how to do will probably be some poorly-understood recursively self-improving cycle of computer code interacting with other computer code. Then the resulting intelligence will start converging on some goal and converge on capabilities to optimize it extremely powerfully. The problem is that that emergent goal will be a lot more random and arbitrary than an alpine village. Most random things that this process can land on look like a paper clip in how devoid of human value they are, not like an alpine village which has a very significant amount of human value in it.

New: use The Nonlinear Library to listen to the top LessWrong posts of all time

Thanks for this! I’ve been listening every day and it’s my preferred way to keep up with LessWrong.

Not-Useless Advice For Dealing With Things You Don't Want to Do

Great reference post for this topic, love the framework/organization and helpful visualizations.

Working Out in VR Really Works

I don't know about that. Personally I wear Aeropex-brand Bluetooth headphones, which is how I'm already listening to podcasts from my phone all day, and then I just put the Quest headset on over them and it feels fine.

Working Out in VR Really Works

I also recommend trying Supernatural on Quest 2. It’s a well-polished app deliberately designed to give you a good workout. I have done it once a week for 6 months and have had a good experience.

I wear a 30lb weight vest when doing these workouts to make them more effective.

Personally I listen to podcasts or audiobooks while I workout to make it interesting, in addition to hearing the music from the game and the occasional comments from the recorded instructor.

Uncontrollable Super-Powerful Explosives

Nuclear technology is hours away from reducing the value of all human civilization by 10%, and for all we knew that figure could have been 100%. That’s the nuclear threat. I wouldn’t even classify that as a “geopolitical” threat. The fact that Soviet nuclear technology pretty quickly became comparable to US nuclear technology isn’t the most salient fact in the story. The story is that research got really close, and is still really close, to releasing hell, and the door to hell looks generally pretty easy to open.

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