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"Slytherin primaries… look, if you can appeal to their self-interest, do, but most of the time you’d be better off locating a Ravenclaw and leaving the Slytherin to do their own thing."

Speaking as a slytherin primary, I have made extremely sweeping changes to my moral reasoning and/or behavior once the principles were explained to me in terms of "My" people.


I used to troll forums online, and stopped the day a friend of mine told me how an online troll hurt her feelings.

My beliefs about racism (specifically, colorblindness, cultural appropriation, the important of representation, affirmative action, ta nehisi coates' idea of giving reparations etc) were changed in one afternoon when I read an essay that explained things in terms of treatment of my ingroup.

As a child, my friend was allergic to a food item and I boycotted the food item because it pissed me off it would hurt my friend.

So it's quite similar to hufflepuff actually, except that the empathy trigger needs to be made personal. I will happily despise anything shown to hurt my people, and valorize anything that helps them.