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Well it looks like we're pretty much on the same page then. I'll go assemble a team of the best fanfic writers I can find. PM me if you're interested.

I have absolutely no qualms with Cerberus syndrome.

To be honest, I'd envisioned it working more by taking the Rule of Cool to unprecedented extremes than humor.

What about 'crowdsourcing' the writing? Create a master plotline, then have an MoR expert fill in those parts, a Ben 10 expert write those, etc. Then have someone edit it for consistent voice or something. Of course, that's more of a group than a crowd, but whatever. It would simplify things, as I don't feel smart enough to write Harry James Potter-Evans-Verres correctly.

But seriously, is anyone interested in collaborating on this?

Is rationality a common enough word that people would naturally jump to it when trying to figure out how to think better? I'm not sure how often I used it before Less Wrong, but I know that it is substantially more commonplace after reading the sequences.

Do you actually have plans to write this? Because if you don't, I totally will, no matter how much research it takes me.

19 male, currently in Florida.

Used to be a hardcore Christian. Then I started looking for alternate explanations and wound up believing in magic because I wanted it to be real. Then I read HP:MoR and it changed my life. My head is on a lot straighter now.

At first I thought this was just something cool. Then I was talking to someone about investing a fairly large amount of money. As we were talking, I was conscious of myself changing my plans to agree with him simply because he was nice. Despite this, he still changed my mind even though I recognized that he did it by being nice instead of a good argument. Had to go home before I could think clearly again.

It scared me that I could be so easily swayed by the Dark Arts, as I've heard them referred to. This might be something worth taking seriously after all.

So now I'm about to use what I learned to buy a car. A year ago, I would've just gone down with an informed friend and pick up something functional. Now I'm going down with a friend and a journal, identifying several possible vehicles and taking notes, then spend a week doing research on price, making sure I'm not being swayed by the salesman being nice, etc. before I actually spend any money.

I look forward to becoming less wrong.