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On the Galactic Zoo hypothesis

Taboo 'consciousness', and attempt to make that assumption still work.

Taboo 'intelligence' as well.

Crazy Ideas Thread

I assume that inside the simulation spaces of Cthulhu, you are going to be on some level aware of all the deaths that you have already experienced, and the ones that await you. Otherwise you are clearly not suffering enough. :-)

Crazy Ideas Thread

"There is life eternal within the eater of souls. Nobody is ever forgotten or allowed to rest in peace. They populate the simulation spaces of its mind, exploring all the possible alternative endings to their life. There is a fate worse than death, you know.''

March 2015 Media Thread

Do you have a link to the translation? In amazon maybe?

March 2015 Media Thread

I second this one, I read the original, it is great.

The first book was written before author's 8 years bout in GULAG, and the second after. How this influenced the difference between the books is left as an exercise for the reader. :-)

Andrew Ng dismisses UFAI concerns

However, UFFire does not uncontrollably exponentially reproduce or improve its functioning. Certainly a conflagration on a planet covered entirely by dry forest would be an unmitigatable problem rather quickly.

Do you realize this is a totally hypothetical scenario?

xkcd on the AI box experiment

We can save money by re-coloring the plush Cthulhu. It's basically the same, right? :-)

xkcd on the AI box experiment

I'm guessing Eliezer has one of those, probably locked away behind a triply-locked vault in the basement of MIRI.

See, it's comments like these that are one of the reasons people think LW is a cult.

Does MIRI actually has a basement?

xkcd on the AI box experiment

As long as some people keep mysteriously hinting that there is something in the Basilisk idea that is dangerous, there will be other people who are going to mock it in all the corners of the internet.

What steep learning curve do you wish you'd climbed sooner?


30 seconds of research leads me to believe it's quackery. Should I investigate further?

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