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On the Fence? Major in CS

Read your Reddit post. Wow, sad. I did computer engineering undergrad, and actually didn't get into CS grad school (pre-reqs I think). I ended up doing computer engineering masters. There's a lot of stigma with CS--I'm actually happy I never got stuck with the label.

Beware Trivial Inconveniences

I don't think rebates are strictly added to bet on laziness. It's not always easy to change the price, so it offers some flexibility for later updates. Then there's quarterly earnings and other such stuff to muddy up the situation. Hi Eliezer. Hi everyone.

Allais Hack -- Transform Your Decisions!

The "winning nothing" is implied, and gets redundant here. Also, couldn't the math be aligned better to our current system (base ten)?

Open Thread: May 2009

What's 3^^^3? I take it more than 27.

Open Thread: May 2009

It's May. Singularity!

Fix it and tell us what you did

Wow, minus 13. Time to get a new handle.

Rationality Quotes - April 2009

Information wants to be anonymous.


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