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I pessimistically do not expect such advanced search engine in the near future. What prevent us is the underlying incentives behind those search engines. And not engines, but only **Google **as the dominant. Google wants you to click their ads, to reach the SEO-optimized pages, because that would make you spend more time on Google searching for what you actually need. If it gives you what you want, instantly and effortlessly, will you pay for Google?

There's a recent trend of vertical search tool, which prioritize the accurate and in-depth information demand - which contrast with the horizontal search like Google. I recommend this article about

As an East-Asian, this post bring tears to my eyes. Even though my human brain did trigger a flag to beware of such "rational belief".

This pretty much describe a traditional East Asian community, where frame controllers floods around to preserve "culture" and "social hierarchy". One notable signs of such subtle frame control is when you find most situations as "should do something" rather than choices.

_Coincidentally, I also come across that Manifesto today.

_Then quickly search on LW for any reference.

_The action above trigger an alert for me: should it be considered as "adding one cultish point"???

_"I know I should not regard LW as 100%-certified truth, but Eliezer sounds rational..."

Anyway, nice post.

My 2-cent thought:

-COVID-19 virus is highly-contagious because of its long asymptomatic incubation phase.

-to reduce infection, a method of ealry detection during asymptomatic period may have some effect (instead of waiting for actual signs like fever, coughing)

-dogs have been researched to show ability of virus-sensing:

Shall dogs also sense COVID virus in the early phase? How can we evaluate this idea?

If the idea is worth taking serious concern, how can we propose to scientists? What can it help with the whole COVID situation?