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Welcome to Less Wrong! (2012)

I find your jumping to conclusions somewhat offensive. In fact, I don't feel socially disadvantaged for my interests.

Logical fallacies poster, a LessWrong adaptation.

If such poster is created, it should be distributed to as many high schools as possible.

Neil deGrasse Tyson on Cryonics

"I'd have more confidence if we had previously managed to pull this off with other mammals."

Some mammals are pretty good at doing it themselves... http://users.iab.uaf.edu/~brian_barnes/publications/1989barnes.pdf

Welcome to Less Wrong! (2012)

Hi everyone! I am still a high school student but very interested in what I read here on LessWrong! I decided to register to contribute to discussions. Until now, I have been lurking but hopefully I will be able to join the conversation in a useful way.