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The issue is, you won't hear about this from mainstream media. It is very weird and fascist-like honestly. The censorship is crazy. The discoverer of Ivermectin, Professor Satoshi Omura who won the Nobel Peace prize for Ivermectin ---and it was also added to the WHO's list of essential medicines---he was deleted off of YouTube yesterday and he wasn't even telling anyone to ingest anything.

Reuters Chair of the Board is also on Pfizer's Board of Directors. Dr. Scott Gottlieb on MSNBC informing everyone he knows to take the vac, is also on Pfizer's Board of Directors. I have been told (not yet verified) that in the States every single network has a pharma board member on it except for CBS. I would like to dig on that one.

And the rest of the media and big tech are all in the alliance for one agenda signed onto December 2020---called the "Trusted" News Initiative ---Including the BBC, Reuters, a full list of media, Google, Facebook, YouTube and more. Here is a Twitter thread showing the full list. So none of them will report the truth about early treatment. https://twitter.com/louisaclary/status/1397251241793699847?s=21

One journalist broke from her network and came out with this. She could never do it with the network so she walked. Most truth I have ever seen on Ivermectin and HCQ from a doctor who has done over 1600 interviews for his work on C-19 at his hospital in Houston. His hospitals' death rate was 6% while the nations' average was over 20%. This was incredible and it took the last 16 months for it to finally come out: https://t.co/1XHZYrtGHy

India was way ahead of the game initially. It was government issued last August. As in every single person who got sick got it. Doctor came to your house and then gave it to everyone as a prophylaxis that was in the house in addition to the one that was sick.

An Unlikely Nation: https://tinyurl.com/10vrvdr1

Here is how it worked if someone got sick: Visitor to India gets C-19: https://tinyurl.com/35eycjbk

Full timeline of how India won the battle against C-19 and then the second wave hit and why it struggled but now has beat the US in deaths per population as of a few days ago... https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1394980291249385475.html

Ok please tell me what is spin about Juan Chamie. I sent you a data person that provides graphs and statistics. Did you look him up? I mean this in a helpful way.

I wanted to give you a perspective. It does not have statistics I get it.

I hope you read through that other Twitter thread link. Juan Chamie's graphs I believe are on there. Or search twitter for @jjchamie India and a lot of his data will pop up and may help you.

His recent post shows India deaths are now lower than the US deaths per population. And India is only 4% vaccinated. The official adoption of the Health Ministry of Ivermectin in the second wave was on 4/29. All of that is in the India thread of articles on my other comment posted here.