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This question is a bit off-topic and I have a feeling it has been covered in a batch of comments elsewhere so if it has, would someone mind directing me to it. My question is this: Given the existence of the multiverse, shouldn't there be some universe out there in which an AI has already gone FOOM? If it has, wouldn't we see the effects of it in some way? Or have I completely misunderstood the physics?

And Eliezer, don't lie, everybody wants to rule the world.

A possible solution that would integrate Eliezer's idea of a rationalist community and keeping the blog going could be to start up a joint message board. There the community could contribute to general discussion along with submissions for the site. People could then vote on whether or not the post is good enough to make the site and then given a certain threshold of yes votes, the post could then go up. It could bring in contribution from some people who are a little unwilling to submit their entries to editors but have quality ideas to contribute.

Wait wait wait wait. Eliezer...are you saying that you DON'T know everything????

~runs off and weeps in a corner in a fetal position~