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"If you stepped into a world where matches failed to strike, you would cease to exist as organized matter."
Okay, I can see your point here -- if I ask you to imagine being transported to another planet where things are kind of the same, except the matches don't work, you'd be justified in being skeptical. I always worried about this when I watched Star Trek -- how come the crew never accidentally vaporized after beaming down to a planet with just slightly different local laws of physics?

But mythology is different from science fiction -- mythology is populated by gods, where gods are defined not just as 'so much more powerful than we humans that we perceive them as god-like,' but as actual, omnipotent gods, capable of manipulating or simply disregarding 'laws' of the physical universe. If you visit this world, you'd best check any thoughts of a 'tighly-laced reality' at the door.