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100 Tips for a Better Life

If your work is done on a computer, get a second monitor. Less time navigating between windows means more time for thinking.


I agree with the premise that efficiently moving around application give you more time for thinking, but I disagree with the proposed solution.

For context: I work as software engineer and I spend at least ten hours a day working on my computer. 

Few years ago I reached the point of having three monitors but I found that they were a constant source of distraction. There was always something taking away my attention on other monitors that would occupy my field of vision. Inherently it will push me to try to multitask or just "pollute" my working memory and fragment my attention. 

I receded back to have a single monitor and I find way better than before. I make and heavy use of multiple spaces (in macOS parlance) for different tasks, I aggressively hide away all but the apps but the one I'm using (⌘+⌥+H) for a focused task, and always rely on an app launcher to move around (⌘+tab is too slow and will inevitably show some app with notifications and catch my attention).