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Welcome to Less Wrong! (July 2012)

Hello everyone, I'm Luc, better known on the web as lucb1e. (I prefer not to advertise my last name for privacy reasons.) I'm currently a 19 year old student, doing application development in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

Like Aaron Swartz, I meant to post in discussion but don't have enough karma. I've been reading articles from time to time for years now, so I think I have an okay idea what fits on this site.

I think I ended up on LessWrong originally via Eliezer's NPC story. After reading that I looked around on the site, read about the AIBox experiment (which I later conducted myself), and eventually found LessWrong. This was probably about three or four years ago. During this time I've read some articles, sometimes being linked here and sometimes coming here by myself. I'm a bit hesitant to participate in the community because it seems quite out of my league; everybody knows a ton about rationality whereas I've only read some bits and pieces. I think I have an okay idea of what is appropriate to post, though, and also especially where I should not try to post :)