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I think #5+#6. The people with the most stock tend to be the bosses of the others — the "social pressure" of your boss telling you to sign right now is quite persuasive.

Right but what is the synthesis or lesson or whatever?

I can't work it out myself. Please tell me the correct opinion to have

Great point. There is eg the GRE, but doesnt test anything from college

Re: plausibility of shadowban claims: You can pay clickfarms to mark someone as spam.

Great post I think the missing word is "complicit". If you want to get tons of people to go along with horrendous acts then it's important to make them complicit in your scheme early and often.

I think maybe you can stare for a while until it syncs up, but i don't have an EEG. I also tried restarting the strobe a bunch to get on a different phase but didn't notice any difference

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