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There seems to be a complexity limit to what humans can build. A full GAI is likely to be somewhere beyond that limit.

The usual solution to that problem -- see the EY's fooming scenario -- is to make the process recursive: let a mediocre AI improve itself, and as it gets better it can improve itse...(read more)

Are you reinventing Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics?

I suspect the solution is this.

> tomorrow

That's not conventionally considered to be "in the long run".

> We don't have any theory that would stop AI from doing that

The primary reason is that we don't have any theory about what a post-singularity AI might or might not do. Doing some pretty basic decision theory focused on th...(read more)

It seems weird that you'd deterministically two-box against such an Omega

Even in the case when the random noise dominates and the signal is imperceptibly small?

> So the source-code of your brain just needs to decide whether it'll be a source-code that will be one-boxing or not.

First, in the classic Newcomb when you meet Omega that's a surprise to you. You don't get to precommit to deciding one way or the other because you had no idea such a situation wil...(read more)

Old and tired, maybe, but clearly there is not much consensus yet (even if, ahem, some people consider it to be as clear as day).

Note that who makes the decision is a matter of **control** and has nothing to do with freedom. A calculator controls its display and so the "decision" to output 4 in re...(read more)

LW is kinda dead (not entirely, there is still some shambling around happening, but the brains are in short supply) and is supposed to be replaced by a shinier reincarnated version which has been referred to as LW 2.0 and which is now in open beta at

LW 1.0 is still here, but if...(read more)

> The truth that curi and myself are trying to get across to people here is... it is the unvarnished truth... know far more about epistemology than you. That again is an unvarnished truth

In which way all these statements are different from claiming that Jesus is Life Everlasting and that Jesus dyi...(read more)