Lumpy is an undergraduate at some state college somewhere in the States. He isn't an interesting person and interesting things seldom happen to him.

Among his skills are such diverse elements as linguistic tomfoolery, procrastination, being terrible with computers yet running Linux anyway, a genial temperament and magnanimous spirit, a fairly swell necktie if he does say so himself, mounting dread, and quiet desperation.

Plays as a wizard in any table top or video game where that's an option, regardless of whether it's a [i]strong[/i] option. Has never failed a Hogwarts sorting test, of any sort or on any platform. (If you were about to say how one can't fail a sorting test . . . one surmises that you didn't make Ravenclaw.) Read The Fellowship, Two Towers, and Return of the King over the course of three sleepless days at age seven; couldn't keep down solid food after, because he'd forgotten to eat. Was really into the MBTI as a tweenager; thought it ridiculous how people said that no personality type was "better" than the others when ENTJ is clearly the most powerful. (Scored INFP, his self, but hey, one out of four isn't so bad. (However, found a better fit in INTP.)) Out of the Disney princesses Lumpy is Mulan--that is, if one is willing to trust BuzzFeed. Which, alas, one is not.

No, but seriously.

Mulan?? 0_o

If, despite this exhaustive list of traits and deeds, your burning question is left unanswered, send a missive in private. Should your quest be noble and intentions pure, it is said that Lumpyproletariat might respond in kind.


Creating A Kickstarter for Coordinated Action

It isn't pleasant when a critical response garners more upvotes than the original post. I tell people that I'm not thin-skinned, but that's only because I don't respect most people. I respect LessWrongers, so this rather stung.

"To me this sentence reads like you haven't put in the work to analyse why those tools don't do what's needed and why you think a new tool would do what's needed."

You'll need to tell me how you do those block quotes, they are neat.

Thanks for the feedback; this is something I'll keep in mind next time I write something. An earlier draft had disparaging things to say about Collaction and Actuator in particular (as they're the only things I'm aware of which try to exist in the same space as the working tool)--I cut them because I wasn't sure how to make them sound less mean spirited (and I hold no particular bad feeling towards those who made them); I thought that criticism was redundant when paired with a lengthy diatribe on what I thought a working product would need--apparently this was wrong.

"This again reads like not having seriously thought about the issue. Stock market manipulation is illegal. It's a lot easier to argue that you aren't really doing illegal coordination in the case of r/WallStreetBets where you have moderators that delete posts that look to much like illegal coordination then your system that wants to make it more explicit."

I am broadly ignorant of many things which strike other people as being too obvious to explain, on account of being as yet young and on account of my lumpenproletariat upbringing; I'm fixing this but it takes time. I wasn't aware that redditors coordinating in this manner would be less legal than a singular firm doing so--chalk this one up to lacking basic knowledge of the shape of the finance system.

(Still, wouldn't it be possible for redditors to create a firm of their own, if they needed to? I don't see that this is an insurmountable problem.)

"The idea of creating a website for possible illegal activity to attack billion dollar entities and expect to have access to credit card processing seems strange to me."

The iterated product would benefit from better anonymity, but I know nothing of cryptography or cryptocurrency and am trying to avoid premature optimization in that regard.

"I think that's a very poor theory of change. Real world change needs a lot of negotiating between stakeholders and finding reforms that actually acceptable to a variety of stakeholders and not just a certain amount of people who ask for reforms at a single moment in time."

I swear I'm not as stupid as betimes I come across in writing! Language isn't my format.

I was trying to point at a class of problems without dwelling overlong on the specifics. Certainly I wasn't detailing any theory of change; I don't think we disagree on any factual thing, in this regard.


But, are these objections important to you? To me, they all seemed like trivial things to quibble over--except perhaps the first. What do you think about the general idea? I see that it's not gaining traction quickly, is that because I'm bad at communication, or because the idea is a poor one? I'd appreciate having this spelled out to me.

Creating A Kickstarter for Coordinated Action

I've seen. Though, as said in the post, "If I want to organize something important, I would not consider using Actuator nor Collaction."