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Literature on memetics?

The Meme Machine by Susan Blackmore.

The Question Of Perception

«Rare are those whose conception of reality is not exclusively dependent on their perception of it, who understand that there are things which you know and things which you don’t know, and in between are several doorways, of which one is called “Perception”; this door must be entered with prudence.»

I’m saving this in my personal notes. Beautiful.

A Rationalist's Guide to...

Thank you, Elo. A list of books that helped you to become more rational. I don’t care about the subject.

A Rationalist's Guide to...

(Excuse my english)

This is, so far, the list of books that have contributed to my enrichment as a rationalists:

[*] midly related to rationalism

[**] slightly related to rationalism

On Intelligence - Jeff Hawkins

What Do You Care What Other People Think? -Richard Feynman

**Allegro ma non tropo - Carlo Cipolla

Descartes Error - Antonio Damasio

** Sherlock Holmes Complete Canon - Arthut C. Doyle

** Freakonomics - Steven Levitt

You are not so smart - David McRaney

*Moonwalking with Einstein - J. Foer

*Mastermind - Maria Konnikova

*What Everybody is Saying - J.Navarro

*Louder than Words - J.Navarro.

**Ender's Game - Orson S. Card

**The Martian - Andy Weir

*The Future of Mind - Michio Kaku

Predictably Irrational - Dan Ariely

Spent - Geoffrey Miller

Why Everyone else is a Hypocrite - R.Kurzban

The Moral Animal - Robert Wright

*Our Inner Ape - Franz de Waal

All Sequences - Eliezer Yudkowsky

Sequence - Science of Winning at Life - Lukeprog

The Archaeology of Mind - J.Panksepp

Sapiens - Yuval Noah Harari

Sequence - Living Luminously - Alicorn

Sequences - Yvain's Excellent Articles

Why Zebras Don't Get Ulcers - R.Sapolsky

All LessWrong - Kaj Sotala's Posts

Origins of Human Communication - Tomasello

The Selfish Gene- Richard Dawkins

The Joy of Game Theory - P. Talwalkar

What Intelligence Tests Miss - Stanovich

The Third Chimpanzee - Jared Diamond

The Handicap Principle- Amotz Zahavi

The Mating Mind - Geoffrey Miller

The 10,000 year explosion - G.Cochran

Superintelligence - Nick Bostrom

The Body Keeps the Score - Van Der K.

Facing the Intelligence Explosion- Luke Muehlhauser

Intelligence: All That Matters. Stuart Ritchie

**Hackers and Painters. Paul Graham

Surfaces and Essences. Douglas Hofstadter

*Inside Jokes - Hurley Matthew

All Melting Asphalt Blog Posts K.Simler

The Psychology of Social Status- Cheng, Tracy

All Luke Muelhauser LessWrong Posts

The Replacing Guilt Series - N.Soares

Metaphors We Live By - George Lakoff

**Deep Thinking - Garry Kasparov

Blog -Mindlevelup - The Book

Conor Moreton 30 days of Rationality - LessWrong

Dark Lords’ Answer. E. Yudkowsky

Why Beautiful People Have More Daughters - A.Miller

Influence. Robert B. Cialdini

The Art of Thinking Clearly. R. Dobelli

Inadequate Equilibria. E. Yudkowsky

*Never Split the Difference. Chris Voss

The Elephant in the Brain.Simler.Hanson

Hive Mind-Garett Jones

**If Universe is Teeming with Aliens Where is Everybody - S.Webb

*The Edge Effect. Eric Braverman

Crystal Society. Max Harms

*Our Mathematical Universe. M.Tegmark

Visual Introduction Bayes. Dan Morris

Bayes: The Theory that would not Die. S. B. C

*Skin in the Game. Nassim Taleb

Smarter Than Us. Stuart Armstrong

Language in Thought and Action - Hayakawaw

I would like to read more books! I am ready for suggestions.

Look Under the Light Post

So, everybody looking where its light is plus reporting.