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Hi! My name is Maarten van Doorn. I'm a PhD candidate in philosophy and a writer at Medium. I've read some Less Wrong things here and there, especially a couple things on Slate Star Codex, but David Siegel convinced me to really go deeper on this. I've just finished Inadequate Equilibria and the book made me enthusiastic, so I decided to make an account here. I especially liked the emphasis on bottom-up explanations of why things are as they are, instead of pointing to - gesturing at - grand theoretical reasons. On just high school economics, some parts of the book were a challenge, but that's what I love. It caused my to check Veritasium's videos on Bayesian Reasoning, dust that off, and ask my economist friends a shitload of questions on (for them) relatively basic concepts. I'm going to read the additional chapter on Hero Licensing now. Thanks for all this amazing content guys!