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Memetic Hazards in Videogames

I don't find that's so for myself. War games give me a sense of my own mortality and ease of finding death no matter how many health packs and energy shields are provided. I wonder whether others experience the same?

Frugality and working from finite data

While I tend to agree with your rationale as it stands on its own, I don't think the biggest problem with implementing is politics in the academic world, a bigger problem may be the potential for abuse that would come with the authority to restrict availability of information.

In fact, politically it this concept already shows itself as very valuable as well as attractive, lots of governments and professional groups do restrict access to information sometimes even as true believers in their own justifications but with an outcome that is decidedly unattractive for the losers in that game.

Welcome to Less Wrong! (2010-2011)

: ) It's certainly challenging, and of course leans towards ivory tower, quite reasonably though considering high concept is intrinsic to the subject matter.

Welcome to Less Wrong! (2010-2011)

I think that's the most inviting community post I have ever read. I've been a lurker for awhile with almost no participation. Lately I've started catching up on old articles. My background is raised in a Jesus people hippie cult and thus took a long road to atheism and attempted rationality.

In other forums I tend to participate more (I'm a software developer, so that's plenty of online community). However I'm at LessWrong to learn, and so I don't have much to contribute at present. Which reminds me, I love this place for not being ivory tower. I find too much of this type of community in other forums to be biased towards academia (and somehow proud of it). It's a nice contrast here.

What is Bayesianism?

Nice explanation. My only concern is that by the opening statement "aiming low". It makes it difficult to send this article to people without them justifiably rejecting it out of hand as a patronizing act. When the intention for aim low is truly noble, perhaps it is just as accurately described as writing clearly, writing for non-experts, or maybe even just writing an "introduction".