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First off, if you are better than anyone you've ever heard of at anything, you need to read more about your field. But as a perhaps more relevant question, how do you do that in a more general field? I've always felt very good at strategy, and have been able to pick up related games very quickly, but don't really care to be a professional chess/go/etc player. How does one,"Put most of their efforts" into something more general?

It isn't really that hard to wriggle this question. Why do I have to choose Science or Bayes, can't I just choose not to have an opinion until I am more capable of making a decision? It would seem suicidal from the perspective of bias to choose a side, especially when the stakes are currently so low. Question wriggled. I don't have to choose between Science and Bayes, I can use them both when they are useful, and simply not hold an opinion in the area where they are in some form of conflict.