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Both the paper and an update to it can be found quite easily on Library Genesis.


I won the Danish National Biology Olympiad semifinal (as 1/15), and thus I qualify for the final, where I will have the chance to be 1 of 4 Danes participating in the International Biology Olympiad.


That's a pretty good heuristic. OTOH, up until this week, my karma in the last 30 days was 0. Now that I'm starting the sequences soon (in the form of "Rationality: From AI to Zombies"), I suspect I'll involve myself in the community some more. Then again, my account didn't functionally exist until recently, mainly being there for the purpose of reserving the name.


Hi! Semi-new lurker here. What is the current etiquette on necroing? I didn't find any official ettiquette guide.


I see (hah!) now. Thank you, and even more so for providing it rot13.


I still don't get it. Could you (or someone else) please explain it?


I got the same answer in a third way.
Gur ynfg vgrz va n ebj vf znqr sebz rirelguvat va gur svefg gjb cynprf, rkprcg gung juvpu gurl unir va pbzzba.
EDIT: There's a simpler name for what I did: KBE, ubevmbagnyyl.


That seems pretty plausible. I have a hard enough time already preventing myself from anthropomorphizing my dog. Ascribing human emotions to animals is easy to accidentally do.


It is a power of the witches in Lyra's world in Philip Pullman's "His Dark Materials".


So, I consider the "go back in time" aspect of this unnecessarily confusing... the important part from my perspective is what events my timeline contains, not where I am on that timeline.

Indeed, that is my mistake. I am not always the best at choosing metaphors or expressing myself cleanly.

regretting an improperly made decision whose consequences were undesirable, vs. regretting a properly made decision whose consequences were undesirable

That is a very nice way of expressing what I meant. I will be using this from now on to explain what I mean. Thank you.

Your comment helped me to understand what I myself meant much better than before. Thank you for that.

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