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Like plex said, getting gpt or like to simulate current top researchers, where you can use it as a research assistant, would be hugely beneficial given how talent constrained we are. Getting more direct data on the actual process of coming up with AI Alignment ideas seems robustly good and I'm currently working on this.


What's the exact deadline for submissions?

  • I committed myself to leave a comment on every post/YouTube video/reddit thread I Interact with since I have a pretty strong aversion for online interaction and asking for help on the internet.
  • I do TimeTracking for all my activities and don't really look at the data all that much, so I put a reminder to look through all I did at the end of the day and search for areas to optimize.
  • I made a commitment to be more critical in my media consumption by at least writing some notes on everything since I tend to just 'like' or 'dislike' stuff without forming an actual opinion.

Does that mean that utilitarianism is incompatible with Many Worlds? if everything that is possible for you to do is something that you actually do then that would mean that utility, across the whole multiverse, is constant, even assuming any notion of free will.