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The end of public transportation. The future of public transportation.

1 min read
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Principia Compat. The potential Importance of Multiverse Theory

7 min read
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> Due to its complexity, \[SODA\] is probably not a practical proposal, though.

I don't follow, how is that complexity a problem? I googled SODA, stumbled onto a sample ballot here:\_voting\_(Simple\_Optionally-Delegated\_Approval)#Sample_Ballot it doesn't seem...(read more)

(That's Soma. I don't believe the joy of consuming Soba comes close to the joy of Soma, although I've never eaten Soba a traditional context.)

I can't find a definition of Soba?

> I think any purely utilitarian ethics is subject to "utility monsters" of some kind

Isn't that fairly easily solved by, as the right honorable Zulu Pineapple says, "let all utilities be positive and let them sum to one"? It would guarantee that no agent can hav...(read more)

> For instance, in score voting, you can count average instead of total score.

I'm not sure I understand how that would do it. I've thought of a way that it could, but I have had to independently generate so much that I'm going to have to ask and make sure this is what you were thinking of. So, the...(read more)

It seems that to lift up one candidate to the top of our ballots we are implicitly expressing a judgement that they're better than every other candidate in the contest. Problem is, most of us know nothing about most of the candidates in most contests. We shouldn't be expressing things like "A > B > ...(read more)

Additional typo/request for clarification; is w supposed to be v' ?

Object level values are those which are non-zero only on rewards; ie the v∈V for which θ(v)(w)=0 for all v′∈V
he's less able to deal with cognitive bias

Then what the heck do you mean by "equal in truth-seeking ability"?

1) What mathematics are you referring to? Does Peterson know it? I'd always just assumed that dna is helical because... it is connected by two strands, and those strands happen to rotate a bit when they connect to each base pair, due to some quirk of chemistry that definitely isn't something you'd e...(read more)

BAT is Basic Attention Token, part of the Brave project IIRC. Though it's not necessary for micropayments replacing advertising, it's a direct path. It's weird to think that digital micropayments simply weren't possible until cryptocurrency started to attack the legal barriers, but that is what I'm ...(read more)

Geez, interesting, that's pretty dire. Here's the thing though. There's less of an immediate need for an cars that can cross the boundaries between cities, for long trips it becomes reasonable to ask the user to change cars. The systems can be localized. If this is treated as a municipal issue- whic...(read more)