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Eliezer: "you will not see the known laws of physics violated in any particular." <- shouldn't there be a "way" at the end of that?

I think a brain architecture/algorithm that would debate about free will would have been adapted for large amounts of social interaction in its daily life. This interaction would use markedly different skills (eg language) from those of more mundane activities. More importantly it would require a di...(read more)

"I see only rationality here. Whereever it is not immediately obvious, it is a quote on beauty, which is a special case of rationality." --Stefan King

Eliezer: You may be a step ahead of me, but I think this is a perfect quote to put into your file.

Unfortunately, the Orwell site's domain expired, and their content couldn't be preserved at the Archive because of their robots.txt. However, <a href="">here</a> is a perfectly good copy of that essay.

<a href=" more)

EY: There should be a "one" in "met or two" :)

Hopefully tomorrow's suggestion will be communicable enough so I can tell it to my fellow voters, since I'm still not quite old enough myself.

EY: I'd just like to point out that there's an extra hyphen added onto the second link to the singinst blog. Luckily enough the site doesn't totally die on it, but It would still be better if it were fixed :)

I hope I'll come up with some more insightful comments in the future than little bug fixe...(read more)

I think "cancer paper writing journal papers isn't going to experience a miraculous remission" should read patient instead of the first paper. Although, I would think if we had the kind of sophisticated AI that would allow papers to write papers we would probably be well on the way to curing cancer....(read more)