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'Shall be' refers to a change of future state, so it can't be about the way things are now.

Space colonization is part of the transhumanist package of ideas originating with Nikolai Federov.

Build something you need. What you don't know, you'll learn in the process.


You may have some inferential distance issues here.

IQ reverts to the mean across generations.

This memory?

Into the vacuum rose the memory, the worst memory, something forgotten so long ago that the neural patterns shouldn't have still existed.

Thanks, I didn't realize that was a real thing.

Harry's sleep schedule wasn't on the red herring list. Further investigation warranted.

Regarding the ending comments about Godric's Hollow: there was some earlier discussion about the wizarding community's consensus here.

That description of the line of Merlin at the beginning sure sounded 'sacred'.

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