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I suspect my boss has high functioning AS. I Googled her personality traits, and a page full of info came up on AS. I am in shock, but now it makes more sense. She does not recognize social cues, lacks empathy (for others), imposes whatever her current interest or issue is, with extreme tenacity, upon others, is extremely indecisive in some areas (not all), and has a nervous 'bark' or clearing of throat. She does not get along with others. However, she is the head anesthesiologist at the local hospital. She is not clumsy, but does have one eye that is visibly lower than the other. She does not pick up on jokes or sarcasm and only laughs if she sees others doing so. Intense? WOW. Whatever the current 'bee in her bonnet' happens to be, is treated with such intensity, tenacity and ferocity that is is like she is in a trance until her desire is fulfilled.

Anyone have an opinion on this?