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David Deutsch: A new way to explain explanation

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I attended the minicamp last summer, at more personal expense than most participants, since I flew in from europe (I did have other things to do in California, so the cost wasn't entirely for minicamp).

If you want an analogy with minicamp, think of an academic summer school. At the most important ...(read more)

This isn't hugely relevant to the post, but LessWrong doesn't really provide a means for a time-sensitive link dump, and it seems a shame to miss the opportunity to promote an excellent site for a slight lack of functionality.

For any cricket fans that have been enjoying the Ashes, [here](http://ww...(read more)

Although I didn't actually comment, I based my choice on the fact that most people only seem to be able cope with two or three recursions before they get bored and pick an option. The evidence for this was based on the game where you have to pick a number between 0-100 that is 2/3 of the average gue...(read more)

I'd be interested. So far my schedule has prevented me from attending most of the London meetups, and I live there, so i can't guarantee anything.

I think you're probably correct in your presumptions. I find it an interesting idea and would certainly follow any further discussion.

I don't think you'd have much success mastering non verbal communication through skype.

I think it may have something to do with limiting violence. I'm trying to remember the reference (it might be Hanson or possibly the book the Red Queen Hypothesis - if I remember I'll post it) but a vast majority of violence is over access to women, at least in primitive societies. Obviously mon...(read more)

This might be of interest to people here; it's an example of a genuine confusion over probability that came up in a friends medical research today. It's not particularly complicated, but I guess it's nice to link these things to reality.

My friend is a medical doctor and, as part of a PhD, he is te...(read more)

I'm interested, definitely online, possibly IRL. I'm in London.

I'm going to the H+ event but I'm also going to the dinner, so I'm not sure how that will fit in with the pub. If I can make it, I will.

I'll also come to the 6/6 meet up.