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I felt a sense of sadness reading Elizabeth's "Dear Self". Did she really have all these "talks with herself"?

Do I? Do we all?


Then, I noticed how frequently I had to "re-read" a sentence for grammar.

It was then I understood this was like reading someone's streaming of "internal conversation" of thoughts. 

And much like my own continuum of thoughts about consciousness and specifically, am I doing what I want, with who I want and everything I can to be fearless, honest, kind and I suppose the best flawed person possible?

For, myself I like to "paint a picture" of a circumstance or situation with every detail (who is there, what is said of done, what is being done and where it is happening etc.) so anyone could "see much like reading a story, looking at a painting or photo or watching a film they (myself) understand what I am describing.

Next , I ask myself what are my feelings? Anger, depression, happiness, fear, anxiety, pleasure, fulfilled etc. 

Then, looking at the circumstance I ask a simple question: "Is this the outcome I desire?".

If the answer is "yes" I feel comfortable, pleased and happy I acted and am doing what I want.

If the answer is "no" I "Replay the scenario and change whatever parts necessary to get the outcome I desire".

It can take many repainting and a long time to change and achieve the desired outcome, but over time it has worked well for me to keep it simple and simply ask: Is this the outcome I desire?