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So basically the whole universe is a Boltzmann brain.

Please, no. The world already has a sickening amount of steampunk.

Does it now? Care to recommend some?

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It may be hard to rob you, but easy to shoot you down.

It would be fun to have corporations build space stations, ostensibly for technological benefits, but not disclosing details, so that your question would remain unanswered inside the story.

I would also mention Deborah Anapol's "Polyamory: the new love for the 21st century". I think about it as a survey of polyamorous practices, struggles, communities. It was crucial for me to get the sense of normality. Haven't read Taormino.

This may be a case of regression to the mean, with the thing which parameters regress being conscious and not caring about these particular parameters.


And... done. I would like to point out that X-Risk question may be confusing when skimming. P(X-Risk) looks as if it were asking for probability of catastrophe coming to pass, but the explanations spells out that the probability of humanity successfully avoiding catastrophe should be entered.

It would have been a nice insurance agains possible future PR shitstorms. Was that your primary reason for suggesting it?

This is weird. I haven't noticed that until you've pointed it out, but I believe that my masculinity score was only a little lower than all the benchmarks and not extremely low only because I've considered how my partner would gauge BSRI questions. They seem to push me towards expressing masculine traits. Isn't it interesting that a sex-role inventory doesn't make allowances for situations priming different sex roles in people?

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