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Thanks for clarifying, I did not know it, I guess I have to read the introduction first.

That mechanism was known long time ago. It is in part to habituation, when you have a neural circuit that works in a certain way, one action will trigger another forever until you change the circuit. Neuroplasticity allows us to create this circuits, and also to change them. Also there is the fact that the mind responds to an internal generated scenario as well as it responds to an external one, although in a lower degree. Finally, it has been demonstrated that the belief that something will cause something else in our mental state usually becomes true; it works like a placebo for mental states.

Completely agree that people just use methods such as tabu search a*, etc... without understanding them at all, same happens with machine learning techniques, or even statistic ones. Mostly they get by using the recommended algorithm/meta heuristic for the domain they are working at.

I strongly recommend python for doing this, it is the best language to begin programming with, I have several programs I did by myself, I can collaborate with the project.