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The Atheist's Tithe

Thanks for the article.  I like the idea of an expectation of tithing.  I had two alternatives to your suggestions.

A society that taxes more, and spends those taxes on social services, is less in need of tithing.  In general, I believe we reach social justice better and give those who need it more reliable help through taxation than donations.  So while I agree both are good, I think US needs to seriously reform it's tax system, in particular creating a more extensive and progressive tax system, as a priority.   The fact that US donates more than Germany is not as important as the fact that Germany taxes the rich more than the US.

Then there is the problem with the 10%, which is not progressive.  10% of a rich person's income is definitely discretionary.  10% of a poor person's income is not discretionary at all.  Therefore, although it's more complicated, any tithing needs to be on a sliding scale.  Say, 1% for  the poorest 10% and 20% for the richest 10%.