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Note that the serious adverse events (SAEs) that were recorded as attributable to the vaccine in the study were much more mild:

  • Of the 12 SAEs reported in the intervention arm of the randomised controlled trial (RCT) for BNT162b2 (n=5055), three were found by blinded investigators to be attributable to the vaccine, providing a rate of 1 in 1685 (3/5055).19 The three SAEs considered vaccine related included: moderate persistent tachycardia, moderate transient elevated hepatic enzymes and mild elevated hepatic enzymes.

Seems a bit misleading to list those much scarier sounding SAEs (as the paper does as well) like death and birth defects when none of them occurred in the study.


You know exactly how, and you know how I know you know. The key is deciding not to care about getting people a vaccine as much as you care about… other things.

What's this mean?


I’m pretty sure that the entire “not sleeping ‘enough’ makes you stupid” is a 100% psyop

Why would it be a psyop? By who and with what motivation/intention?


and notice that I am surprised

Well yes, I think that would be implied by the shock


What sources do you have for growth mindset being debunked?


Isn't it more reasonable that the Reuters article is just a journalist picking some low hanging fruit (Civil Rights x Coronavirus) rather than some coordinated psy-op?