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Developmental Thinking Shout-out to CFAR

5 min read
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Book Suggestion: "Diaminds" is worth reading (CFAR-esque)

2 min read
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[link] Cargo Cult Debugging

1 min read
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Meditation: My blog is a terse, cryptic, rambling, ungrammatical rabbit hole, but it's highly opinionated and absolutely packed with links and resources:

Here are two practical posts: more)

*If you stopped flow by binding all your energy to your chakra's that would be an explanation for the negative side effects you are describing.*

I think we're just having a terminology issue. Spontaneously or deliberately, I can experience what could be described as undulation and movement througho...(read more)

Fascia vibration and mechanotransduction could be a thing. I would think that can be coincident with autonomic interoception (what I write about) but doesn't have to be. I hadn't heard of Danis Bois. His framework looks like it could be life-changing for some people.

I'm not really sure if there's ...(read more)

What systems do you work with? What do you think "energy" is?

Writing is hard.

Alright, here's my list of writing resources (in no particular order):


* [Experiencing and the Creation of Meaning by Eugene Gendlin]( * [Writing With Power by Peter Elbow](http:...(read more)

The point is that these speed runs presumably involve backtracking. They can rewind time and explore different paths until they find one they like.

Meditation and metacognitive training in general.

Self link:

I have made some unsubstantiated claims in the "I’ve given you some reasons to meditate:" bullet in the link above. More generally, there is plent...(read more)