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Brainstorming help request: teaching rationality basics in an RPG setting

1 min read
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Open thread, October 2011

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I hate TL;DR

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Two barrels problem from the Intuitive Explanation (answered)

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> What if there was an asteroid rushing toward Earth, and box A contained an asteroid deflector that worked 10% of the time, and box B might contain an asteroid deflector that worked 100% of the time?

I'd change that to 95%, because if B contains a 100% deflector, A adds nothing and there's no dile...(read more)

Finally got around to it, and it's great. The ending was exactly what it should be.

Is this against spaced repetition as such, or against flash cards?

For me the value of Anki (or my own custom program that I wrote a while back) is as a review-scheduler, not as a quizzer.

[Well crap.](

I guess that when I thought "religion", I thought "system of worship", not "system of belief". To me the a religion would be "true" if it accurately responded to a demand for worship or obedience or such. If the creators of the Universe have no preferenc...(read more)

Wait, why? If God existed, I'd expect the true religion to be among actually existing ones.

Pretty sure you're getting downvoted for some combination of the following: unclear, incoherent, unspecific, and impolite. Compared to your growing wordcount in this conversation so far, you have shown little evidence of having something to say.

For [reasons](, I suggest that Bayesian Judo doesn't make EY look good to people who aren't already cheering for his team, and maybe it wasn't wise to include it.

More generally, the book feels a bit... neutered. Things like, for exam...(read more)

stop watching TV

One of my past life decisions I consistently feel very happy about.

I'm guessing something vaguely along the lines of the "do not mess with time" warning. Except I can't imagine it specifically, how that might possibly go in the case of someone who's doing what Minerva says not to do.