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Hey, all. I can't join you today, because I've picked up some nasty nose bug. :(

I'm very disappointed. I was really looking forward to this meetup - took notes on all the questions I wanted to ask etc.

I need you to have such a great time tonight that the next meetup will be in like a few weeks or so...

Wow, I didn't even know Inadequate Equilibria existed. Reading list expanded. Participating in this meetup is already paying off.

No ideas on the whereabouts of any physical HPMORs though. I guess a sign will have to suffice. :)


We might have to be more specific. Suit + beard + book pretty much matches any patron of Tops at any random time. :D

What kind of book will it be? The Scout Mindset? From AI to Zombies? HP and the Methods of Rationality?