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Relevant username? I just wondered if your name is actually Gene Smith, or you are a genesmith (a smith of genes), or just something else.

I have repeated some actions daily/often for years and still haven't been able to convert them into habits. I've made another post a few months ago about how habit forming and routines are almost impossible for me, even for things like e.g. brushing my teeth or turning on my car. (ADHD/ASD combo, yay!)

For me, a major thing that is missing is how easy it is to get around without a car. I own one, and e.g. where I lived in my previous city, infrastructure was bad enough that I did the majority of 1 km+ trips by car.

Here, on the other hand, we go everywhere by foot or by public transport, we're a five minute walk away from a major train station (so quiet too!), and if I'm alone my default is the bike. No need for a car for anything within 7 km for the most part. (IKEA is just beyond the range of public bikes, but I'm thinking of buying a personal one.) It's easy and comfortable to walk half an hour to downtown, and it's easy to get to restaurants and DIY stores and doctors etc within 5 minutes on foot.

Maybe grappling? (As opposed to e.g. pro wrestling.)

I love this comment. Thank you!

(And thank you for the test pilot example. I find it fits well with my life.)

Most of what I thought were habits growing up was just me interacting with structure and consequences other people had put in place. My preference was for their acceptance and approval so I did things the way they wanted but it was never routine for me.

I mention it in this post, but you have put it very succinctly. Thanks a lot!

Let's do our best!

In most of the places I've lived since going to uni, I've had a microwave but no oven. Some were both microwave and oven. One was no microwave and no oven. There was not a single one with an oven but no microwave.

Compare how it's done in Europe: Vaccinations happen in vaccination centres, and your status as well as the vaccine details (lot number etc) get registered with the government. Each country has an app that generates a QR code that is common throughout the EU, and restaurants etc can check it in places which require a vaccine passport. I'm more inclined to trust those than some random cards which are often handwritten!

Start with the basics. Make sure each passenger is buckled in, and that they have the seat angle and headrest etc at an appropriate position. I actually have some automation whenever I enter my car (Tasker yay!) that do things I tend to forget to do, and opens up a talking checklist that I go through before starting the car or after parking. (I can make a post if there's interest.)

I bought a dashcam to help improve my driving (plans before every drive, then a critical review of drives). I also found good channels for advanced driving (e.g., Advanced Driving and Reg Local, from the UK) and more basic stuff (Conquer Driving, Advanced Driving again, Conduite Facile) to refresh.

In addition, I recommend cars with active safety technology. Even something like Adaptive Cruise Control, which keeps a safe distance from the car in front of you, reduces your cognitive overhead by quite a bit, and allows you to monitor the situation around you better (far, near, behind, etc). Add to that automatic braking, blind spot monitoring, alerts when there's cross traffic while reversing, lane keeping, 360° cameras around the car etc, and you've already prevented many of the crashes you might have gotten yourself into.

And finally, you'll want the actual protection in case of a crash. Find a bunch of safety tests, and find the ones with good safety ratings in multiple markets. Look at pictures of crashes. The more the car is shredded, and the more the passenger compartment is intact, the more likely you are to escape without a serious injury.

ETA: In terms of companies which I think are doing well with safety consiousness, I like Toyota (post 2018-ish) a lot, since they're providing advanced safety features even at the most basic trims. Also, consider using OpenPilot (CommaAI) instead of stock, because it tends to work better.

I think it starts with (or contains) an F, so I don't think it's that. Maybe Foam?

I'm wearing a KN95 with a cloth mask on top.

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