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I have a bunch that I like watching. I'll add more in separate comments as I remember, but some highlights for transportation are Reg Local for driving cars (former police driving instructor; he has a book, but the videos themselves are so helpful) and Missionary Bushpilot for flying small aircraft in Papua New Guinea (gorgeous shots, very careful pilot).


I love this post!

Just wanted to add that different cultures have different sets of constellations, but AFAICT the Pleiades was not one of them. For example, in the Greek-derived constellations that the astronomical community uses, it's part of Taurus.

The Pleiades are an open star cluster, and an asterism, but they aren't a constellation in the formal definition of the word.


There are more and more accommodations for physical disabilities where a medical intervention is readily available, such as glasses. There are still lots of barriers, but it is often seen as a moral right to make things easier for them, especially if it's in such a way that they can maintain their autonomy.

I have ASD and ADHD, and in many societies, there is still a big lack of understanding. People could try being accommodating, but they don't have enough practice with that that it ends up being very, very hard/exhausting to do it even partially.

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I bought Plus on day 1, and spent the first day inputting prompts that I didn't get anywhere with (and had so many conversations) using 3.5. It answered usually on the first try.

My usecases have mostly been human-interaction (I have ASD) and time management (ADHD) related. It also worked great for questions like "I have tried X, Y, and Z, so don't use them in your suggestions," which 3.5 was bad at.

Another one where it shined was when talking about an acquaintance with many allergies that seemed to have nothing in common. It identified some common proteins between the foods and suggested new foods to try instead.

It also works around the X not Y problem. I asked it how to learn to like coffee given caffeine does not affect me, and it asked me for details of things I've tried. Eventually figured out why I want to learn to like coffee, and suggested alternatives to coffee which I could try at cafés which are not chocolate milk.

Recipes, too. I gave a list of ingredients to 3.5, and asked it to suggest an authentic Italian dish. Despite repeated prompting, it tried to give me something with most of the ingredients which would be anathema in Italy. 4 used a specific subset and gave suggestions that I could actually find.

On day 2, I helped a friend who was using 3.5, and I felt like I'd stepped back in time. Like, I was impressed by that thing? Definitely worth the price of admission for me.

I'm kinda on the ChatGPT side on this. It matches my intuition. That being said, we do lack context about how he said "Great!" And I'm autistic.

Relevant username? I just wondered if your name is actually Gene Smith, or you are a genesmith (a smith of genes), or just something else.

I have repeated some actions daily/often for years and still haven't been able to convert them into habits. I've made another post a few months ago about how habit forming and routines are almost impossible for me, even for things like e.g. brushing my teeth or turning on my car. (ADHD/ASD combo, yay!)

For me, a major thing that is missing is how easy it is to get around without a car. I own one, and e.g. where I lived in my previous city, infrastructure was bad enough that I did the majority of 1 km+ trips by car.

Here, on the other hand, we go everywhere by foot or by public transport, we're a five minute walk away from a major train station (so quiet too!), and if I'm alone my default is the bike. No need for a car for anything within 7 km for the most part. (IKEA is just beyond the range of public bikes, but I'm thinking of buying a personal one.) It's easy and comfortable to walk half an hour to downtown, and it's easy to get to restaurants and DIY stores and doctors etc within 5 minutes on foot.

Maybe grappling? (As opposed to e.g. pro wrestling.)

I love this comment. Thank you!

(And thank you for the test pilot example. I find it fits well with my life.)

Most of what I thought were habits growing up was just me interacting with structure and consequences other people had put in place. My preference was for their acceptance and approval so I did things the way they wanted but it was never routine for me.

I mention it in this post, but you have put it very succinctly. Thanks a lot!

Let's do our best!

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