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Related: In Robin Dunbar Explains Humans' Circles of Friendship - The Atlantic, Robin Dunbar says:

It takes about 200 hours of investment in the space of a few months to move a stranger into being a good friend. This fits with our data, which suggests that close friends are very expensive in terms of time investment to maintain. I think the figures are a guideline rather than precise. It just means friendships require work.

Source (to me): The Circles of Friendship (

I am a Registered Dietitian from the United States. I have had to recognize that my education and practice in the field was not immune to the effects of US food policy, which includes commodity farming and corporate influence. The Dietary Guidelines for Americans (and I'm assuming other countries) are guidelines optimized for many things, health being only one.

I think the best advice is the simplest--as many have said, you probably aren't eating enough vegetables. You could do a lot worse than following similar diets to those who live the longest, in case there are some causal links there. The Mediterranean or Blue Zones type diets approach this.

Mark Bittman and David Katz wrote a nice article that I like on the topic: Here

Most importantly, realize our bodies are highly adaptable and there is no universally perfect diet.