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If anyone else would like to reschedule the meeting, please contact soon.

The most important relic of early humans is the modern mind.

-Steven Pinker

The videos are basically explanations of investing terminology. On second thought, my suggestion was not really on point as a source of procedural knowledge.

Khan Academy also has a sequence of videos on stock market basics.

I figured out the non-existence of Santa Claus when I was about 5, I don't remember how. Someone posing as Santa visited a relative's Christmas party I was at and gave the children gifts and the local news in my city tracks "Santa's current location" on the weather radar periodically on Christmas Eve, which kind of made it a pink goo moment for me. I was angry and confused, but mostly kept this to myself. From this experience I concluded that my parents were not completely reliable and that society has a significant disrespect for children, although I did not make much use of this information until years later. I summary of my thoughts on child deception can be found here.

Hi Kevin. You're thinking of someone else but I'd very much like to meet you.

We had a good turn-out and some interesting discussion at the meet-up tonight. Pittsburgh is a vibrant tech/university center, and I think LW meet-ups should occur here regularly. It's been suggested that future discussions should loosely center on a pre-determined topic, and I agree that this is a good idea. I invite anyone interested in planning further Pittsburgh meetings to PM me here, email me at mattduing at gmail dot com, or post on this thread.

Eliezer writes,

Note also that I have a general policy of keeping anything related to religion out of the >rationality book - that there be no mention of it whatsoever.

I just wanted to say that I think this is an excellent decision. I wish there was more material that challenges the practice of mental compartmentalization yet avoids triggering emotional bias.

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