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It feels so hard to understand why it took almost 10000 years for two human brains to make a spark and come up with the concept of evolution. How did smart and curious people who tended to animals for a living and who knew about the intricacies of artificial breeding not see the slightly unintuitive but nontheless simple implications of what they were doing there?

Just because you aren't aware of it, doesn't mean it didn't happen : )

I predict this would not happen the way you anticipate, at least for some ways to cash out 'taking control of your motor cortex'. For example, when a neurosurgeon uses a probe to stimulate a part of the motor cortex responsible for moving the arm, and eir patient's arm moves, and the neurosurgeon asks the patient why ey moved eir arm, the patient often replies something like "I had an itch", "it was uncomfortable in that position", or "What, I'm not allowed to move my arm now without getting grilled on it?"

I find this curious. When a physician taps my knee with a knee tapping hammer I don't think to myself "I chose to jerk my leg." I experience it as something out of my control.

Perhaps endoself was mistaken in placing the robots programing in the motor complex, but I believe the point was that in the human experience there are two kinds of reactions: those we have at least some form of conscious control over and those we have no conscious control over; and the robot's blue minimizing programing would fall into the later. Thus the robot would not experience the blue minimization as anything other than a strange reflex triggered by the color blue.