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W.K. Clifford gave a short, sweet argument for your position in his <a href="">"The Ethics of Belief"</a>: 1. Our beliefs inform how we act. 2. Our actions affect other people. 3. Therefore. our beliefs affect other people. (And to the extent that h...(read more)

Example: Cognitive therapy (vs. SSRIs like Prozac) - studies show that good cognitive therapy can bring about similar changes in brain patterns, and relapse is lower once treatment (or medication) is terminated. I don't know how expensive good therapy is (so the user-end costs might be the same), bu...(read more)

"Archimedes, don't listen to what Aristotle said about Empedocles!" (Empedocles proposed a rough version of natural selection, and Aristotle rejected Empedocles' view as absurd in his <i>Physics</i>.) I suppose that might be "too anachronistic," depending upon just how much authority was given to Ar...(read more)