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Also, don't forget that humans will be improving just as rapidly as the machines.

My own studies (Cognitive Science and Cybernetics at UCLA) tend to support the conclusion that machine intelligence will never be a threat to humanity. Humanity will have become something else by the time that machine...(read more)

He believes that the Singularity is proof that the Universe was created by an Intelligent Creator (who happens to be the Christian God), and that it is further evidence of YEC.

I think the comment that LWer suck at Politics is the more apt description.

Politics is the art of the possible, and that it deals with WHAT IS, regardless of whether that is "rational."

And attempting to demand that it conform to rationality standards dictated by this community guarantees that th...(read more)

Being influential is not necessarily a good thing.

Especially when Glenn Beck's influence is in delusional conspiracy theories, and evangelical christianity, and Young Earth Creationism.

Glenn Beck is hardly someone whose enthusiasm you should welcome.

He has a creationist agenda that he has found a way to support with the ideas surrounding the topic of the Singularity.

This is not exactly "success."

There are some populations that will pervert the things they get in their hands.

Glenn Beck was one of the first TV personalities to interview Ray.

The Interview is on YouTube, and is very informative as to Glenn's objectives and Agenda.

Primarily, he wishes to use the ideology behind the Singularity as support for "Intelligent Design." In the inteview, he makes an explicit st...(read more)

Yes, I have read many of the various Less Wrong Wiki entries on the problems surrounding Friendly AI.

Unfortunately, I am in the process of getting an education in Computational Modeling and Neuroscience (I was supposed to have started at UC Berkeley this fall, but budget cuts in the Community Coll...(read more)

I think major infrastructure rebuilding is probably closer to the case than "maintenance"

Yes, that is close to what I am proposing.

No, I am not aware of any facts about progress in decision theory that would give any guarantees of the future behavior of AI. I still think that we need to be far more concerned with people's behaviors in the future than with AI. People are improving syst...(read more)