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It might be interesting to learn if anyone active in this community, has actually defined their utility function, stated it publicly and attempted to follow through.


I strongly suspect they will be regulated out of existence for about a decade after the technology is up to snuff.

I wouldn't be so sure about that.

Self-Driving Cars Approved By California Legislature

I met a dude two weeks ago at a SuperHappyDev meetup in Mountain View, doing a very similar thing. Had been working on it as a Phd. thesis for a few years, but now wants to commercialize it. He was looking for a co-founder too. PM if you want his details.

Like the direction it's going, well done! Also agree with some of the improvements suggested on this thread.

Indeed. Out of 1000+ people I've met, I've never met another person that uses Ni and Te predominantly until 3 months ago.

I walked up to someone in a bar in Mountain View (who was talking to two girls) and said, your an INTJ. His data was just so obviously congruent. That is how Ni works. The next day we were friends and spent 9 hours discussing models and concepts. We got completely lost and because of our repressed Se and being in Ni Te "mode" we forgot to eat.

I keep a database of people and their cognitive functions. Self selection and self reporting biases are the biggest barriers in this game. Something I hope to solve in the next few years.

A test means nothing. It simply tells you what you tell it. The true test is in a person's actions and they way they take information in, make decisions etc.