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Great! I'm deeply familiar with all the issues you discuss in your excellent post. I'm available to answer questions or to bounce thoughts off. I may quibble in one or two places but have to say that you've done a remarkably objective and accurate job. My only concerns come from what is left unsaid. But we can discuss that after you read my two-part piece on this. 

Adele: Alcor doesn't only contract with Suspended Animation. Alcor also contracts with International Cryomedicine Experts (I.C.E.) and has also worked with Cryonics UK for cases in England. Alcor is currently developing relationships with emerging providers in Europe.

On long-term planning, I suggest you read my detailed, two-part articles in the Q3 and Q4 issues of Cryonics:

The comparison of costs -- $28,000 at CI for whole body vs $80,000 at Alcor for neuro is incorrect. These are not accurate comparisons for several reasons. 1. The CI amount is for lifetime members only. 2. It does not include charges by funeral homes and transport. 3. More importantly, it include NO standby, stabilization, and transport -- something crucial to getting a good cryopreservation. To get SST, CI members have to pay a substantial extra fee. In the end, neuro at Alcor is a bit less or about the same as the total cost of whole body (with SST) at CI.