Max Warburton

Student in Fluid Mechanics from France. Interested in discourse, philosophy and more broadly, human behavior.

I am not good at posting about myself but will try to update it as I participate.


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Open and Welcome Thread - April 2021

Thank you ! I already have :) 

Maybe some day, who knows, I'll be able to add something to the conversation that has been going on here for years. 

Open and Welcome Thread - April 2021


I don't really know how to introduce myself since this would be one of the first time that I post. 
I have found the website by pure chance and think this place would be a good place to try to interact with people who seem to think in a similar way, in so far as it seems that Less Wrong and its community is fundamentally devoted to truth : how to access it through reasoning and how to act upon it. 

On a more personal and practical level, I am a currently studying Fluid Mechanics in France but my interest here is not directly related to Science, but rather Philosophy and how one should act. 

I don't plan on posting often, at least at the start, as it seems that the barrier of entry to be able to put forth compelling points is quite high here and the discourse is based on a complex vocabulary that I will need to appropriate for my view of the world, and that will take time. 

I look forward to interacting with you, and hope not to make too much a fool of myself.