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Bayeswatch 5: Hivemind

two her brain

This gave me the chills. I have never thought about digital brain modification safety before, although now the idea seems obvious. Wonder what else am I missing.

The best frequently don't rise to the top

The meritocratic part is the best are significantly more likely to rise to the top, real world is best thought of as a stochastic place, full of imperfect information and surprises.
Being the best at content creation is not the same as being the best at YouTube: size of one's target demographic matters, the ability to self-promote matters, ability to network matters, ad-friendliness of content matters... Akin to evolution, the system does not select the *best* creators in the conventional sense of creating the best videos, being the best at writing and so on. In fact, one might argue for the opposite being the default.
The selection criteria are messy, the variance in outcomes is significant, the variance in perceived selection criteria even more so. 
My takeaway is that one should be lucky and avoid being unlucky, while trying to stack the deck as much as one can in order to manipulate variance.

We should not raise awareness

I agree, but my reasoning for it is different.
Given that the simulacra levels framework is fake, I care mostly about the way it pumps my intuition. For me it has more impact with less levels. Grouping everything in levels 4+ as a single thing does speed processing up, and doesn't seem to meaningfully change my conclusions.
There likely exists some context where those extra levels are useful and offer new insights, but I've not seen it yet.

The Flexibility of Abstract Concepts

Excellent as always!

Throughout the entire process it is implied that words if you specify a value and if you specify a criterion...


By training children in the traditional of adversarial competitive rhetoric...

"Can I get you a coffee?" a young quant named said.

It's really good, am waiting for the next part, keep it up!

Oliver Sipple

There won't be any more harm done to Oliver by spreading the story, so, at least from utilitarian-ish point of view, the case is clear.