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The central limit theorems


How can I protect my bank account from large, surprise withdrawals?

Your answer uses a fair amount of analysis and knowledge in order to avoid this kind of large charge. Maybe perversely, I was asking for methods that do not require analysis or knowledge about contract types. I also doubt that most customers of the Texas company had a good sense of the risk they were exposing themselves too - many might have followed the "scan list for lowest rate, then pick that one" method that I use sometimes.

How can I protect my bank account from large, surprise withdrawals?

Thanks - that's even better separation than using separate accounts at the same bank. More work, but something I hadn't thought of.

Participating in a Covid-19 Vaccine Trial

Nice story! All the little details made it fun to read.

Netflix's "Start-Up" and sincere work dramatization

Python, actually! (Who would have guessed?). The camera zooms in on Do-San writing correct Python every now and then. I mean, he keeps writing a function called sigma_prime, which, like, maybe he should import? But it is tech literate even there!

The Best Visualizations on Every Subject

This isn’t a textbook, but Dataclysm by Christian Rudder was a major inspiration to me when I was new to data analysis. The book is like a long data analysis project around dating on OKCupid (Rudder founded the site), and has a lot of good graphs made just for the book. Unlike some of the popular examples made famous by e.g. Tufte, the graphs in Dataclysm are of the type an analyst in 2020 might typically make in their day-to-day work. Lots of scatter plots and bar plots, but created thoughtfully enough to really be something. Rarely in this book did I think “ah, beautiful” - much more often, I thought “ah, yup, I see the relationship he’s saying exists.”

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